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Did You Know?Heroes in Indian mythology and history carried flags with their personal emblems in battle
Did You Know?In July 1947, Constituent Assembly adopted Tricolour with saffron, white and green stripes as India's National Flag
Did You Know?Each spoke on Ashoka Chakra, in our National Flag, symbolizes a principle of life and also twenty-four hours in the day
 Indian Flag
Amrit Mahotsav at Missions Abroad


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20 Sep, 2021
Satyagraha Gita and Uttar Satyagraha Gita

First major Sanskrit work published from Europe and its continuation in the form of 47 cantos on the life of the Father of the Nation Pand...

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04 Sep, 2021
A Post Card from Jail, 25 April 1944:

Source: NMML A Post Card from Jail, 25 April 1944:Post Card to Jaggi Devi by her husband, the peasant leader Baba Ramchandra Orig...

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