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Role of Women in the Constituent Assembly

25 Nov, 2021

Women who were part of the making of the Constitution of India How many of their signatures can you find in these pages? Click Here The Constituent Assembly of India was elected to frame the Constitution of India. It was elected by the 'Provincial Asse...

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Tribal Leaders and Freedom Movement

13 Nov, 2021

Read about tribal freedom fighters and their role in the Freedom Movement  S. No.  Name  State Movement  Start Year Details  1 Tilka Manjhi Bihar The Manjhi Revolt of 1785 1785 Determined to defend his people and land, Tilka organized the Adivasis ...

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Banned Literature by Raj : 'Netaji ke Saathi', by Imdad Sabri

30 Sep, 2021

Source: National Archives of India Banned Literature by Raj : A Book from 1946, 'Netaji ke Saathi' and the Writer Imdad Sabri 'Netaji ke Saathi', one of the rare books declassified by the National Archives of India, was a publication that was banned by...

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By : Banned Literature by Raj : 'Netaji ke Saathi', by Imdad Sabri

Satyagraha Gita and Uttar Satyagraha Gita

20 Sep, 2021

First major Sanskrit work published from Europe and its continuation in the form of 47 cantos on the life of the Father of the Nation Pandita Kshama Devi Rao was a learned Sanskrit scholar, who wrote many texts in Sanskrit, English and Marathi. Satyagraha Gita wa...

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A Post Card from Jail, 25 April 1944:

04 Sep, 2021

Source: NMML A Post Card from Jail, 25 April 1944:Post Card to Jaggi Devi by her husband, the peasant leader Baba Ramchandra Originally named Shridhar Balwant Jodhpurkar, Baba Ramchandra was born in a small village in Gwalior Estate (1864). Concealing hi...

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By : Jaggi Devi

Boodha Bargad: A silent witness to colonial brutality

31 Aug, 2021

Boodha Bargad is a silent testimony to the hard times which our Freedom Fighters have faced. The English officers were baffled after the incidents of Sattichorra and Bibighar. Every Indian citizen of Kanpur city was on the colonial radar. Meanwhile the ruthless...

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Rashtragaan : Record your video and upload

01 Aug, 2021

As we commemorate 75 years of India’s independence, let us come together to celebrate the spirit of India & sing the National Anthem. Go to WWW.RASHTRAGAAN.IN , upload your video singing the ‘Rashtragaan’ & be a part of history in the mak...

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Jhansi Regiment Case in Army

05 Jul, 2021

The Rani of Jhansi Regiment was the Women's Regiment of the Indian National Army, with the aim of overthrowing the British Raj in colonial India. It was one of the all-female combat regiments of the Second World War. Led by Lakshmi Sahgal),the unit was raised in July 19...

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