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India is a land of diversity. From north to south, east to west, the nation inhibits an array of cultures, rituals, languages, food, attires, festivals and more. Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to move forward as a unified force has been the foundation of a self-reliant India. This is why ‘Unity’ is one of the panch prans that were mentioned by the Prime Minister on 76th Independence Day 2022. With these common goals in mind, we shall move forward together as more unified union, towards the coveted 100 years of freedom!

History and Culture

Teaching about socio-economic and cultural history; knowledge about significant events in history; knowledge about discoveries and inventions, technological advancements; community assimilation; awareness about ancient knowledge systems such as Ayurveda, ematics, astrophysics etc.

  • Border Villages and Remote Areas of the Country: Development of villages situated on the outskirts of India, promoting local artisans and crafts, popularizing regional cuisines, mainstreaming regional languages, promoting tourist economy in the border villages etc.
  • Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat: Imparting knowledge about languages, cuisines, attires, festivals, folk dances, sports, theatre, movies and films, tourism exchange; promoting sustained cultural connections; showcasing the rich cultural heritage; promoting brotherhood and unity etc.
  • Freedom Fighters and Unsung Heroes: Recognizing and honoring lesser-known freedom fighters, inspiring the youth of the country, awareness about tribal leaders and movements, recalling ethos and virtues of brave souls etc.
  • Tribal Communities: Promotion of tribal crafts, paintings, textiles, potteries, organic and natural tribal food products; awareness about the tribal economy; introduction to modern technology; awareness about socio-cultural facets of tribal lifestyle, along with their expertise and crafts; skill development of these communities etc.
  • Rural Artisans: Showcase and preserve local art forms and artisans, teaching courses centered about these art forms, promoting endangered art forms etc.
  • Sports: Promoting local and regional sports, awareness about careers in sports for youngsters, promoting gender equality in sports, opportunities for budding talents, preservation of older games such as kabaddi etc.
  • Cinema and Music: Promoting regional melodies and art, popularizing regional languages, upliftment of local artists, reimagining theatre etc.
  • Youth and Nation Building: Providing platforms for the voice of youth; awareness about national responsibility; awareness about freedom of speech and expression; awareness about volunteerism; youth-centered topics (sustainability, mental health awareness, reproductive health, water conservation etc.); infusing the spirit of patriotism; preserving cultural heritage; career counseling; entrepreneurship and youth-led start-ups; spirituality; planet-consciousness; digital literacy; financial literacy etc.
  • Household Level Outreach – Campaigns Around Daily Activities: For example, chai pe charcha
  • Elaborating the ‘Panch Prans’ Stated by Hon’ble Prime Minister During his Speech on 76th Independence Day (15th August 2022):
  • Goal of developed India: To move ahead with a big resolve — that of a developed India and not settle for anything less
  • Remove Any Trace of the Colonial Mindset: In no part of our existence, not even in the deepest corners of our minds or habits, should there be any ounce of oppression
  • Take Pride in Our Roots: We should feel proud of our heritage and legacy since it is the same legacy that had given India its golden period in the past, and it is this legacy on which we shall build a more advanced nation
  • Unity: ensuring solidarity in our endeavours
  • Sense of Duty Amongst Citizens: Feeling responsible towards the nation and striving to contribute to its advancement
  • Other Areas: Other relevant ideas aimed to increase dialogue and solidarity  
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