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Jatindra Nath Das

Kolkata, West Bengal

August 14, 2021


Jatindra Nath Das worked at a very young age for the cause of political prisoners in the Indian freedom struggle. Being an inspirational freedom fighter, human rights activist and a fervent revolutionary, he joined the AnushilanSamiti (a 20th century Indian revolutionary organization). He collaborated with Bhagat Singh and other members from the Hindustan Republican Socialist Association (HRSA). While he was 17 years old, he got actively involved in the Non-Cooperation Movement launched by Gandhiji.

Jatindra Nath Das breathed his last in 1929 following a 63-day-long fast fighting for the rights of political prisoners at the young age of 25 years. Bhagat Singh and other imprisoned freedom fighters also undertook this hunger strike at the Lahore Central Jail. Jatindra Das had to face several atrocities and hardships done by the British authorities. These atrocities led to damaging of his lungs, and paralysis began to spread to his body parts. Still he continued his hunger strike. A jail committee was formed keeping in mind his condition into consideration and immense popularity amongst people. A proposal was made for his release but it was rejected by the committee. Subhas Chandra Bose called him the 'young Dadhichee' of the nation (the ancient Indian sage who sacrificed his life for a noble cause).