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K. S. Firodia

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

K.S. Firodia, also known as K. S. Phirodia B.A., LL.B., was a prominent leader of the Indian National Congress hailing from the city of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. He had played various significant roles in the political, social, and economic domains of his region and beyond.

Firodia's political career began in the early 1930s when he actively participated in the Civil Disobedience Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. Along with other prominent Congress leaders like B. V. Chowkar and Dattatraya Babaji Kulkarni, Firodia led a procession in support of the movement. In the evening, he addressed a gathering of around 1,500 people, highlighting the significance of the movement and its goals. Throughout his political career, Firodia held several important positions. In 1946, he became the Speaker of the Bombay Legislative Assembly, which demonstrated his strong leadership skills and political acumen. He also served as the chairman of the Nagar Urban Central Bank, which helped him to contribute to the economic development of his region. Apart from his political engagements, Firodia was also associated with various social and cultural organizations. For instance, he was the President of the All India Sthanakwasi Jain Conference, Bombay, which helped him to work towards the betterment of the Jain community. He was also instrumental in establishing a Sewa Mandal for the upliftment of hill tribes living in the Sahyadri Hills in Ahmednagar District. His contribution to the Swadeshi movement was noteworthy, and he presided over the independence day celebrations in Ahmednagar. Firodia was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and deeply committed to the principles of non-violence and satyagraha. He was also a strong advocate of the use of Khadi and other Swadeshi products to promote local industries and foster economic self-sufficiency.

K.S. Firodia, a leader from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, played an active role in the Indian National Congress and participated in the Civil Disobedience Movement, contributing to the political, social, and economic development of his region.