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Laxmibai Bhide

Bombay, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

Laxmibai Bhide was a leader associated with the Desh Sevika Sangh, an organization that aimed to empower women and motivate their participation in the Indian freedom movement. Her role in the national liberation war is recognized, and her efforts encouraged the involvement of women in the struggle for independence. During the civil disobedience movement, Laxmibai Bhide displayed bravery and dedication, inspiring women to oppose British colonial rule. She actively engaged in the production of contraband salt, which was subsequently auctioned, attracting high prices from patriots. Laxmibai Bhide's commitment to the cause led her to attend a meeting at Chowpatty, where she expressed support for Satyagraha leaders who had received prison sentences under the Salt Act. Additionally, she traveled to various locations in the Bombay presidency, spreading the message of the Salt Satyagraha. In Pune, Laxmibai Bhide addressed a gathering alongside other individuals, including Veer Vamanrao Joshi, R.K. Khadilkar, T.R. Deogirikar, R.S. Nimbkar, N.V. Gadgil, and S.D. Javdekar.

Laxmibai Bhide played a significant role as a leader of the Desh Sevika Sangh, inspiring women to participate in the Indian freedom movement. Through her dedication and involvement in activities such as salt production and public speeches, she motivated others to join the fight against British colonial rule.