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Ramchandra Mahadeo Patwardhan

Thane, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

Ramchandra Mahadeo Patwardhan was a notable individual within the Indian independence movement. Serving as the Secretary of the Kalyan Taluka Congress Committee, his contributions to the cause of Indian freedom were significant. Unfortunately, the need for more extant information concerning Patwardhan necessitates a reliance on conjecture based on a limited amount of available information.

On 15 March 1941, Patwardhan undertook a Satyagraha in Dombivli, announcing his intentions beforehand. As was to be expected, his non-violent protest was met with repression. Patwardhan was ly arrested and charged under rules 34(6) (e) and (9), and 34(7) and subsequently sentenced to two years of rigorous imprisonment on 17 March 1941. Under British law, the severity of the punishment meted out to offenders for a particular crime differed according to their criminal records. Those with prior convictions were given harsher sentences than first-time offenders, who were often fined or given a term of simple imprisonment. The fact that Patwardhan was given two years of rigorous imprisonment suggests that he was a well-known freedom fighter with a colorful history of anti-colonial activities.

The harsh conditions of his imprisonment significantly affected Patwardhan's health. As a result, he petitioned for his release on medical grounds, and his unconditional release was granted. It was not uncommon for prisoners to be tortured and released in a weakened state, with many succumbing to their injuries. Unfortunately, no records exist detailing Patwardhan's post-release life or legacy, rendering it challenging to draw firm conclusions regarding his impact.

Ramchandra Mahadeo Patwardhan, serving as the Secretary of the Kalyan Taluka Congress Committee, made notable contributions to the cause of Indian freedom.