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Manoramabai Eknath Shinde

Mumbai City, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

Manoramabai Eknath Shinde was born in 1905. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of information concerning her background and contributions to the freedom struggle of India, which has made it difficult to understand her motivations, experiences, and the impact of her actions.

At age twenty-five, Manoramabai joined Congress to fight for the country's freedom. She supported the freedom movements passionately and participated in Congress's constructive programs. In 1930, she was arrested thrice for her involvement in the Civil Disobedience Movement and for shouting slogans against the oppressive British Government. She was sentenced to a fine of Rupees two hundred and fifty or undergo rigorous imprisonment, Manoramabai denied paying any fine and opted for rigorous imprisonment each time. On 12 January 1932, for being a member of an assembly that was declared unlawful by the British Government, she was convicted under section 143 of the I. P. C. and sentenced to three months of rigorous imprisonment. In 1933, she was arrested yet again, for carrying a congress flag and shouting boycott slogans on 17 January. She also played prominent roles in Congress Liquor picketing campaigns and courted imprisonments under section 17(1) of the Criminal Law Amendment Act. However, the court later altered the charge and changed it under section 143 of the I. P. C. according to which she was sentenced to six months of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of rupees thirty or a further six weeks of rigorous imprisonment in refusal of the fine. On 18 January 1933, she was detained in Yerwada Central Prison.

However, Manoramabai Eknath Shinde's motivations, experiences, and the impact of her actions during India's freedom struggle remain obscured due to a lack of comprehensive information.