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V. V. Shirodkar

Sindhudurg, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

V.V. Shirodkar, an individual associated with the local political party in Vengurla taluka of Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra, was involved in activities related to India's struggle for independence during the 1940s.

Despite limited available information about his background, Shirodkar demonstrated patriotic sentiments and supported non-violent methods for attaining freedom. He fulfilled his responsibilities as a citizen and also took part in educating the public about political developments through the distribution of Congress bulletins. Additionally, he aimed to inspire the younger generation, particularly students, to support the freedom movement. However, his commitment to independence led to several instances of imprisonment under certain legal provisions. Despite his incarceration, Shirodkar recognized the need to avoid frequent arrests that could hinder the progress of the movement. He made a written commitment expressing his unwillingness to engage in further political campaigns, which eventually resulted in his release. However, he soon resumed his involvement in the freedom struggle, albeit in a covert manner. Unfortunately, his clandestine activities were discovered, leading to his arrest and subsequent detention. Despite securing temporary parole that restricted his movement to the municipal limits of Sawantwadi town, Shirodkar continued his efforts for freedom while operating underground. Nevertheless, his cover was once again exposed, and he was arrested at a Math in Sawantwadi state limits on September 11, 1943. Eventually, he was convicted under a specific rule of the Defense of India Rules (Rule 27(6)).