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Minocher Pestonji Zaiwalla

Palghar, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

Minocher Pestonji Zaiwalla was a local freedom fighter from the coastal village of Bordi, Dahanu taluka, in Palghar District, Maharashtra. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of information about his background and contributions.

In 1941, when the freedom struggle was at its peak across India, Zaiwalla was among the Indians who answered the nation’s call and Gandhi's call for non-violent resistance against British imperialism. Gandhi encouraged his supporters to offer Satyagraha, which involved filling up jails through peaceful protests. Accordingly, Zaiwalla intimidated the District Office of his intention to offer Satyagraha on 14 May and successfully delivered anti-war speeches in Bordi. Consequently, he was arrested on the very day and convicted for the breach of the Defence of India rules, resulting in a four-month rigorous imprisonment. Upon his release, Zaiwalla resumed participating in the Satyagraha by delivering anti-war speeches. Once again, he was convicted under the Defence of India rules and sentenced to four more months of imprisonment on 14 October 1941. Zaiwalla's efforts were admirable and effective, as the non-violent method proved to be a powerful weapon in successfully mobilizing millions of Indians for the cause of freedom from British imperialism. Although Zaiwalla's contribution to the movement has not been widely known, his story is a testament to the many unsung heroes who fought for India's independence.


In conclusion, Minocher Pestonji Zaiwalla, a resident of Bordi, participated in the non-violent resistance against British imperialism during the freedom struggle.

While information about B.R. Yawankar's background and specific contributions is limited, his involvement in the movement is evident through his commitment to offering Satyagraha and delivering anti-war speeches.