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DC Anantnag organised Meri Maati, Mera Desh program at GHSS Damhal

Jammu & Kashmir

August 09, 2023

In an inspiring event that resonates with the patriotic fervor of the nation, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Anantnag, SF Hamid  inaugurated the ‘Meri Maati, Mera Desh’ campaign at the GHSS Damhal.

The event marked the commencement of a series of programs aimed at commemorating Nation’s rich heritage and the sacrifices made by its brave heroes.

The inauguration, presided over by SF Hamid, saw the active involvement of more than 200 school children and officials from various departments, each united with a common purpose - to celebrate unity, pride, and the indomitable spirit of India. The ‘Meri Maati, Mera Desh’ campaign holds a special place in these celebrations, symbolizing a collective tribute to the country's history and those who laid down their lives for its freedom.

Addressing the attendees, DC emphasized the significance of the campaign as a testament to the nation's resilience and devotion. The campaign will honor the memory of valiant martyrs through a series of ceremonies across the district, ensuring that their sacrifices remain etched in our collective memory.

The campaign, scheduled to span from August 9th to August 15th, will encompass a range of activities.

The DC expressed his confidence in the success of the ‘Meri Maati, Mera Desh’ campaign, highlighting the remarkable collaboration of all stakeholders in bringing this initiative to fruition.

As the campaign takes flight, the district's officers and departments are actively preparing to ensure its seamless execution, with an emphasis on widespread public engagement.

With the upcoming Independence Day celebrations dedicated to the theme ‘Meri Maati, Mera Desh’, the district is poised to create an enduring legacy of remembrance, unity, and pride.

The DC concluded by commending the dedication of all officers and officials in organizing this monumental campaign and urged the public to participate wholeheartedly.

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