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Students of GMS Chapper form Human chain logo to celebrated India’s G-20 presidency

Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir

May 24, 2023

In a spectacular display of national pride and unity, the students of GMS Chapper came together to form a human chain in the shape of the G-20 logo, celebrating India's prestigious presidency of the esteemed global forum. With immense enthusiasm and creativity, the students orchestrated this symbolic gesture to honor India's role on the international stage.

The human chain formation served as a powerful visual representation of India's leadership and commitment to global cooperation. Each student played a vital role in creating the logo, showcasing the collective strength and determination of the school community.

By organizing this event, GMS Chapper demonstrated its dedication to fostering a sense of global awareness and encouraging students to actively participate in significant international milestones. The activity not only showcased the students' creativity and teamwork but also provided them with a deeper understanding of India's position as a prominent player in global affairs.

The celebration of India's G-20 presidency at GMS Chapper instilled a sense of pride and responsibility among the students. It encouraged them to develop a global perspective and recognize the importance of collaboration in addressing pressing global challenges.

Through their human chain logo formation, the students of GMS Chapper sent a clear message that they are ready to contribute to India's vision for a prosperous and sustainable world. Their enthusiasm and participation serve as an inspiration to other schools and communities, emphasizing the significance of active engagement in international affairs.

As India assumes the G-20 presidency, let us join the students of GMS Chapper in celebrating this momentous occasion and reaffirming our commitment to working together for a brighter future on the global stage.

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