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Agricultural Folk Dances of North East India

Kalanjali: an offering of art at Kartavya Path

May 06, 2023 to May 07, 2023

The vibrant culture and rich tradition of folk dances from North East India is an important feature of the cultural history of the region.   Graceful and joyous, these folk dances from North-East India are also rhythmic with interesting beats, typical of the region.

Many of the folk dances of India are related to agriculture -- depiction of sowing and harvesting -- as well as the joy of a good harvest. Many of these are prayer dances, seeking the blessings of the gods for a good harvest.

 North Eastern Folk dances are the dances of the many indigenous communities that inhabit the region.  Agriculture is a huge reservoir of traditional media. North Eastern region of India is the land of traditional art due to the prence of tribal population in the hilly tracts of this region.  

This part of India is also a hot spot of biodiversity in the world. The biodiversity of North East India is not only limited to the flora and fauna but extended to the traditional media also. The rich cultural heritage of this region is still conserved and expressed through folklore, folk songs, local paintings, and so on. 

This weekend's program by North East Zone Cultural Centre, Dimapur will showcase the traditional folk dances from the two states viz:- Sikkim & Manipur of North East India, on 6th & 7th May 2023.

Most of the festivals reflect their culture and most of these festivals are closely connected with their occupation as agriculturists. It is common that festivals having a connection with agriculture are celebrated with ritualistic gaiety either to thank god for the providence or to pray for a bumper harvest. Certain delightful legends surround some of the festivals, though mostly it revolves around agriculture. 

ZOW MAAL Lepcha Agricultural Folk Dance, Sikkim

SONG SAA MOH Lepcha Agricultural Dance, Sikkim

Lourok Jagoi Agricultural Dance, Manipur 

Lai-Haraoba Dance, Manipur