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Punjabi Cultural Extravaganza

Kalanjali: an offering of art at Kartavya Path

April 22, 2023 to April 23, 2023

Programme at Central Vista, Kartavya Path, India Gate, New Delhi on April 22 & 23, 2023.

North Zone Cultural Centre, NZCC will showcase the culture of the state of Punjab through spectacular performances of folk dances, folk singing, and folk art forms. The event will have performances of the folk dances Jhoomar, Luddi, Bhangra, and Jindua, folk singing, and folk art forms Bazigar, Bhand Mirasi, and the martial art form of Gatka. ‘Jhoomar’ is a very lively form of music and dance exclusively performed by men and signifies happiness. The dancers dance around a single drummer standing at the centre. It is performed to the tune of emotional songs. The folk dance form ‘Luddi’ is performed by women to celebrate joy and is mostly performed during marriage ceremonies. The steps are simple and slow and there is a rhythmic pattern that is followed throughout the dance. The folk dance ‘Bhangra’ is associated mainly with harvesting. It is performed by men on all happy occasions. Dressed in traditional tehmats, kurtas, and plumed turbans, dancers perform to the rhythm of the Dhol. The dance is accompanied by a singing called bolis related to the lifestyle of the people of Punjab. Traditional instruments i.e. Chimta; Algoza etc. are used as musical accompaniments. Bhangra is a very popular art form not only in Punjab but also throughout the world. The folk dance ‘Jindua’ simply stands for ‘the love of life’ and is performed by both men and women. While the dancers perform this dance, they speak of their love and how much each one means to the other. The folk art form Bazigar is a very special kind of acrobatic performance that involves severe physical risks and mental strength. ‘Gatka’ is a traditional martial art form associated with Sikhism. It imbibes sword and sticks fighting skills and self-control. ‘Bhand-Mirasi’ are traditional folk entertainers from Punjab. They highlight social issues through their humour.

The Punjab Police Cultural Troupe will enthrall the audience with mesmerizing Punjabi folk singing & dances during the event on April 22. The event will conclude on April 23 with a performance of Punjabi folk singing by Ms. Glory Bawa, daughter of legendary Punjabi folk singer, Gurmeet Bawa - ‘Lambi Hek Di Mallika’.