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Ministry of Culture

June 03, 2023 to August 15, 2023

Jal Yatra is a monumental campaign led by BIG FM and the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, celebrating the historical significance of rivers in our nation. Rivers hold a sacred place in India and together, this partnership aims to create a transformative ripple effect, preserving these invaluable lifelines for generations to come. As part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations, this 12-week initiative commenced in the month of May. The purpose of the initiative is to raise awareness about the importance of water resources and enlighten listeners about the untold stories of rivers. Drawing attention to water conservation, the initiative provided a unique opportunity for people to connect with the essence of our rivers and emphasized the collective effort needed to preserve these precious resources.

As part of the campaign, many on-ground activities have been initiated in major cities, creating an immersive experience for the people. Captivating folk dances, street plays, and mesmerizing musical performances took center stage in Rourkela. Patna hosted engaging open mic sessions, poetry recitations, and Bhojpuri rap. The city of Prayagraj brought together the magic of music, poetry, and expert views. The golden city of the East, Lucknow showcased the power of street plays, enchanting Kathak dances, and an art gallery featuring remarkable creations made by underprivileged children using Rubik's cubes. Jammu, popularly known as the city of temples, treated the audience to captivating storytelling and vibrant cultural performances. The state of Goa invited the audience to embrace serenity through invigorating yoga sessions.

In a collective effort to drive consciousness amongst the people, a mega musical concert was held in Surat on 18th June with the renowned artist Sh. Kirtidhan Gadhvi. He mesmerised the audience with soulful renditions of his songs like Ladki and Rasiyo Rupalo. A grand musical concert was also held in Guwahati on 1st July with popular singer Zublee Baruah who enthralled the audience. As the initiative continues to gain momentum, grand musical concerts will be hosted on the riverbeds of Varanasi and Trivandrum. With each event, this campaign has reinforced the importance of water conservation and instilled a deep sense of appreciation for our invaluable water resources.

Advocating for a sustainable future for our rivers, the initiative is reflective of the shared commitment of BIG FM and the Ministry of Culture. Supported by the Ministry of Jal Shakti, the campaign celebrates the rich culture of the rivers of India across 58 cities.  The campaign hosted grand musical concerts that have witnessed remarkable turnouts, where fans wholeheartedly supported the cause. Through extensive on-air, digital, and on-ground promotions, the initiative is creating a significant impact in raising awareness about water conservation and river preservation.

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