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Saadat Khan-Leader of the Revolt at Indore

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

November 03, 2022 to November 03, 2023

Saadat Khan, the guiding spirit of the revolt in Indore, is revered for not only defeating the British but also compelling them to flee their base within a few hours of the encounter that took place on 01 July 1857.

The flames of the first war of Indian independence spread rapidly in many parts of Central India as the sipahis as well as local rajas, zamindars, and their retainers rose up and attacked British military stations and cantonments. Indore too joined the movement, spearheaded by Saadat Khan, an officer in the cavalry unit of Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holkar II, the ruler of Indore. With other revolutionaries, Saadat Khan, strategically planned and executed an early morning surprise attack against the British officials in their Indore Residency. The British officials failed to resist the revolutionaries and it resulted in the killing of 39 people inside, while others fled along with Colonel Durand and Colonel Travers, abandoning the Residency. However, in subsequent battles, Saadat Khan was defeated by the overwhelming might of British arms, but managed to escape. He managed to evade capture and continued to wage further struggle till September 1874, when he was finally captured and executed.

A large number of people had gathered in solidarity with his revolutionary spirit when he was executed. He continues to present an illustrious example of patriotism to the people of India.


Source: Indian Culture Portal