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Venkatesh Bapuji Joshi

Osmanabad, Maharashtra

May 24, 2023 to May 24, 2024

Venkatesh Joshi, born in 1908 in Selu, taluka Latur, was a prominent figure in the Hyderabad liberation struggle. He received his primary education in Selu and later pursued an M.A. degree from Osmania University in Hyderabad. During his time at the university, Joshi became deeply involved in the Satyagraha movement under the leadership of Swami Ramanand Theerth in 1938.


He joined a group of Satyagrahis, which included individuals like Raghavendra Rao Dewan, Raja Reddy, and Apparao, and together they conducted speeches and demonstrations near Puli Bavadi, drawing a large crowd. The Satyagrahis proudly wore Congress badges and refused to leave despite police orders. In the after, Swami Ramanand Theerth was sentenced to 18 months of hard labour and a fine of Rs. 50, while the others received sentences of 9 months of hard labor and a fine of Rs. 255. Joshi continued his active participation in the freedom struggle, undertaking satyagraha activities in Osmanabad alongside Devram Chavan.


He was part of the effort to liberate villages in Marathwada, which was still under the rule of the Nizam even after India gained independence in 1947. On August 15, 1948, Independence Day, Joshi and other dedicated workers hoisted the national flag of independent India in 65 villages in the Nizami State, declaring them Muktapur Swarajya due to hoisting the flag he was arrested and imprisoned in Osmanabad Jail. Joshi's contributions extended beyond the liberation movement.


He played a significant role in education, establishing Navjeevan Vidyalaya for classes V to VIII, which initially operated on his premises before constructing a separate building. Joshi also actively supported Muslim families who were in need, providing them with essential items such as beds, blankets, and food. He authored the book "Bapu'chi Jeevan Ganga" on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Joshi passed away on 2 July 1972, in Aurangabad after a brief illness. His dedication to the freedom struggle, education, and social welfare left a lasting impact on the community.

Source: Pushpalata Pandhare, Contributor for CCRT