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Indru Kevat

Kanker (North Bastar), Chhattisgarh

May 24, 2023 to May 24, 2024

Indru Kevat, a resident of Surungdah village in Kanker district, was born in 1895 to Rushu Kevat. Inspired by martyr Gaindsingh's declaration of independence in Abujhmad, the winds of freedom reached the people of Kanker. Indru Kevat, deeply moved by Gaind Singh's sacrifice, took up the mantle of leadership to fight against British oppression.


Initially inclined towards violence or revolutionary ideas, he later embraced Mahatma Gandhi's principles of truth and non-violence. Alongside his comrades Mangaluram and Patar Halba (Sukdev), he initiated the Civil Disobedience Movement and Jungle Satyagraha in Kanker Riyasat, aimed at protecting the forests. He even conducted Satyagraha against the forest workers. Impressed by Gandhi's teachings, he donned khadi and carried the tricolour flag, travelling from village to village, passionately advocating for freedom.


In 1923, he had the opportunity to meet Mahatma Gandhi, which further fuelled the tribal movement against British rule in Kanker. The princely state soon became a hub of rebellion. To evade capture by the British, Indru Kevat applied lanyard oil all over his body, causing him to slip away and escape into the nearby Kotri river. Indru Kevat actively participated in the freedom struggle alongside Gandhi in various movements with in his region.


In recognition of his significant role in India's liberation, Indru Kevat was posthumously declared a freedom fighter in 2008 under the Chhattisgarh Sainik Samman Nidhi Rule 2B by the state government. He passed away on 22 October 1965. His descendants continue to hoist the flag he raised after independence during national festivals, honouring his legacy.

Source: Raghvendra Kumar Dhruw, Contributor for CCRT