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Swadeshi meeting at Barpeta, 1907

Barpeta, Assam

March 17, 2023 to March 17, 2024

The partition of Bengal, initiated by Lord Curzon, was viewed by the nationalists as a challenge to Indian nationalism and ignited a nationwide anti-British movement and the heightened political atmosphere in Bengal influenced activities in Assam. An example of this was a meeting organised on 28th March 1907, in a local theatre hall in the Barpeta district of Assam.


The meeting, presided over by Srijut Hariprasad Das, the son of Baburam Das (Deputy Inspector of school in Barpeta), saw the attendance of students, teachers and some local persons. It was convened by Rajendra Chandra Das and Ambika Charana Das, students at the local Entrance school. Lectures were delivered by Kandarpa Chandra Das, the seventh master of the Entrance school and Baburam Das, who resigned from his post at the school.


The meeting represented the initiative of the educated class including government officials to create awareness among the people regarding boycott of foreign goods and swadeshi. The student community played a pivotal role in the Swadeshi movement and were effective in promoting the use of swadeshi items and organising protest meetings and further undertook the circulation of political pamphlets.


The partition, that had amalgamated some eastern districts of Bengal with Assam and created a new province known as “East Bengal and Assam”, was finally annulled in 1911.




Source: Indian Culture Portal