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Unsung Heroes Detail

Unsung Heroes Detail

Mayadhar Bhuiyan

Cuttack, Odisha

August 05, 2022

Mayadhar Bhuyian was born on 25 June 1906 in Hatasahi village of Cuttack district. He was born to Ghana Bhuyian and Sulochana Dei. Though not educated much, he evinced great interest in the nation and the freedom struggle. He, therefore, joined Congress at a very early age and participated in the freedom struggle.

When the Quit India Movement started in 1942 he was inspired by the ‘Do or Die’ message of Mahatma Gandhi. To sacrifice one’s life for the nation the ‘Marana Sena’ or Death troop was formed by the local volunteers in which Mayadhar enrolled himself. In the early morning of 26 August 1942 when both police repression and fervor for participation in the movement was at its peak Mayadhar met Sarat Maharana, a prominent member of Bari Ashram School in Ramchandra Primary school, and expressed his intention to Kaipada where people in thousands were gathered for a demonstration. Though Sarat Maharana dissuaded him to go there, he went there in the afternoon when many have been arrested by the English force before his arrival. The people in thousands stood with canes in their hands arguing with the police. When one constable was trying to shoot at a man, Mayadhar got hold of him and snatched his gun. But in the very next moment, he was pushed by another constable from the back and he fell down. Then the two constables attacked him with the bayonet of the rifle as a result of which he died after bleeding profusely.

That day was Rakhi Purnima when Mayadhar was martyred. Many people were dead from police firing on that day. This day is still observed by the local people to pay homage to their unsung heroes of the freedom movement.