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Maruti Krishna Sawant

Sangli, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

Maruti Krishna Sawant was born in Sangli in 1911, he witnessed the oppressive rule of the British colonial government and grew up with a strong desire for independence.

At the age of 21, Sawant participated in the Satara District political conference held in 1932, which was a significant gathering during the pre-independence era. The conference brought together leaders from different parts of the country to discuss and plan the freedom movement. Sawant played an active role in the civil disobedience movement and was part of a group of Congress leaders who attempted to seize control of the Tilak Rashtriya Shala in Satara. The Tilak Rashtriya Shala held great symbolic value as an important institution for the nationalist movement. However, Sawant's participation in the civil disobedience movement and his attempt to take possession of the Tilak Rashtriya Shala did not go unnoticed. As a consequence, he was sentenced to three months of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of fifty rupees under section 17(1) of the Criminal Law Amendment Act. Additionally, he was also sentenced under section 447 IPC for his involvement in the attempt to take control of the Tilak Rashtriya Shala.

Despite facing such consequences, Sawant remained dedicated to the cause of Indian independence. He continued to work for the Congress party and actively participated in various political movements and conferences. His contributions to the freedom struggle were widely recognized and appreciated by his peers and the people he served.