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Sadashiv Jagganath Dharmadhikari

Pune, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

Sadashiv Jagganath Dharmadhikari, also known as Bhau Dharmadhikari, was a prominent figure in the Indian independence movement and a devoted follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He played a crucial role in the Poona City Congress Committee and was an active member of the Maharashtra Seva Sangh in Poona. After independence, he authored a weekly magazine called ‘Bhoodan Yajna’ in support of the Bhoodan movement.

Dharmadhikari was declared the 55th Dictator of the Poona City Congress Committee and was a key figure in the Indian freedom struggle. On 17 July 1932, he attempted to burn an effigy symbolizing the special powers ordinance in front of Shanwar Wada to celebrate ordinance day. As a result, he was sentenced to six months of rigorous imprisonment under 17(1) of the Criminal Law Amendment Act.

Dharmadhikari was a political activist and a scholarly figure who contributed to Marathi literature. He translated Kakaaheb Kelkar’s book ‘Jevant Vratotsav’ into Marathi, which was published in 1940. In 1968, he authored Sugam Marathi Shabdakosh along with S.N. Banahatti.

Sadashiv Jagganath Dharmadhikari, popularly known as Bhau Dharmadhikari, was actively involved in the Indian independence movement and held significant positions in various organizations.

He contributed to the cause through his political activism and literary work.