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International Day of Forests under Van Se Jal-Jal se Jeevan organised at Kathua

Jammu & Kashmir

March 21, 2023

Taking care of Forests is not an obligation, our Environment is our Life because of “Van Se Jal-Jal se Jeevan”. On the eve of International Day of Forests-2023, the Principal of BHSS Kathua & GHSS Kathua (Additional Charge) Sh. Sanjeev Kumar Vaid gave a message to the Staff & Students of both Institutions and also to those of Institutions falling under the Complex Heads of both Institutions on the 21st of March 2023.  In his message he said that  Forests help us cope with the climate changes that are taking place around us, let us protect them to save our planet, HAPPY INTERNATION OF FORESTS. The Forests cover more than 30% of the world's land and contain more than 60,000 tree species, many as of yet unidentified. Forests provide food, water, fibers, and medicines for approximately 1.6 billion of the World's population. When we drink a glass of water, write in a notebook, take medicine for a fever or build a house, we do not always make the connection with forests. And yet, these and many other aspects of our lives are linked to forests in one way or another. Forests give us so much to our health. They purify the water, clean the air, capture carbon to fight climate change, provide food and life-saving medicines, and improve our well-being. Thus we have to protect our Forests to Save Life on this Planet.

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