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Qila Aur Kahaniya Festival at Jhansi Fort

June 18, 2023 to June 19, 2023

The Qila Aur Kahaniya Campaign, organized by the Ministry of Culture as part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav initiative, took place at Jhansi Fort in Madhya Pradesh on June 18th and 19th, 2023. This campaign aims to showcase the rich history of forts across India, promoting the theme of Cultural Pride. The theme of Cultural Pride serves as a tribute to the vibrant culture and history of India. It honors the unsung heroes who made selfless sacrifices for the freedom and future of the nation. This theme celebrates both the tangible and intangible aspects of our cultural identity. The Qila Aur Kahaniya campaign strives to highlight the unique characteristics and historical significance of various forts in India, providing an opportunity to connect with our past and honor India's cultural legacy. The two-day event at Jhansi Fort featured a range of activities as part of the Qila Aur Kahaniya campaign. On June 18th, a heritage walk was organized which was attended by more than 150 students from schools of Jhansi. It was followed by an Exhibition at Panchmahal premises and quiz competition for school going children. In the evening, the resounding notes of Alha Gayan resonated, cascading through the air like a river of valor. Sharad Anuragi and his devoted troupe from Mahoba painted the atmosphere with their passionate rendition, immersing the audience in the realm of gallant tales. From the desert land of Rajasthan, the graceful Chari dance was presented, its rhythmic cadence a testament to the age-old traditions. Bhavna Vaishnav and Dal adorned the stage, their footsteps tracing a sacred path. Bundelkhand's own Rai folk dance unfolded, a tribute to the ancestral lands, as Radha Prajapati and troupe from Jhansi breathed life into the mesmerizing choreography. Each movement echoed with the echoes of heritage, forging a connection between the past and present. Mahoba's luminaries, led by Akhilesh Yadav, graced the stage with the captivating Diwari dance, an embodiment of celebration and joy. The rhythmic symphony of their performance reverberated, captivating hearts and souls alike. From the fertile fields of Punjab came the exuberant Bhangra folk dance, Amandeep and his spirited troupe enthralling the audience with their infectious energy. The rhythmic beats ignited a fervor within, uniting the gathering in a celebration of culture and unity. And as the final chapter of this grand odyssey unfurled, a drama titled "Qissa E Jhansi," a poignant tale inspired by the valiant spirit of Veerangana Rani Lakshmi Bai, graced the stage. The Maithili Lok Rang Sanstha from New Delhi, their artistry a symphony of emotions, transported the onlookers to the realm of bravery and sacrifice, leaving an indelible imprint upon their hearts. On the second day, 19th June, painting competition for more than 50 students of Jhansi city was organized and winners were felicitated. As twilight descended, a mesmerizing symphony of light and sound painted the evening sky.The cultural extravaganza unfolded once again, invoking the spirits of diverse traditions. The energetic Jindua dance from Punjab graced the stage, harmonizing with the spirited Pai Danda from Mahoba. Bhavai and Ghoomar, the resplendent folk dances from the regal lands of Rajasthan, enraptured the senses. The soulful Suwata dance, an ode to Bundelkhand's rich heritage, wove its melodies through the gathering. And the resounding echoes of Aalha Gayan reverberated, emanating from the heartland of Mahoba. In consonance with the poetic essence of the gathering, Swar Dharohar Foundation presented a mesmerizing symphony of words, nurturing the garden of poetry with their passionate recitations. Thus, Jhansi stood witness to an enthralling spectacle, where the past intertwined with the present, and attendees paid heartfelt tributes to one of the icons of India’s freedom struggle, Rani Lakshmi Bai.

Janbhagidari : 2000