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Laxmibai Ganesh Thuse

Pune, Maharashtra

August 13, 2022

Laxmibai Ganesh Thuse-Though not much is known about her early life in Pune, her professional life is quite loaded with politico-social activities. She was an M.L.A, of Pune, a member of the Provincial Harijan Sevak Sangh, and a social worker. Like other nationalist females of her times Laxmibai Ganesh Thus too actively campaigned Satyagraha in the city of Pune. She was chosen by Mahatma Gandhi to offer Satyagraha on 21 November 1940. She offered Satyagraha through an anti-war speech at a public meeting near the Sonya Maruti Temple at Pune. She was tried in the Yerwada Jail under the Defence of India Rules by Additional District Magistrate Mr. M.R. Reuven and was sentenced to three months of simple imprisonment. Not much is known of her last days and death.