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Unsung Heroes Detail

Unsung Heroes Detail

Amar Singh Nandbol

South Andaman, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

August 05, 2022

Amar Singh Nandbol was a resident of Punjab. He took an active part in the Ghadar movement. He was involved in the Ghadar Movement.

The fighters of the Ghadar Movement made a plan to initiate a mutiny in the British Indian Army in February 1915 to end the British Raj in India. The plot originated at the beginning of World War I, between the Ghadar Party in the United States, the Berlin Committee in Germany, the Indian revolutionary underground in British India, and the German Foreign Office through the consulate in San Francisco. It was the most prominent amongst a number of plans of the much larger Hindu–German Mutiny, formulated between 1914 and 1917 to initiate a Pan-Indian rebellion against the British Raj during World War I. The mutiny was planned to start in the key state of Punjab, followed by mutinies in Bengal and the rest of India. A large number of volunteers took part in the mutiny against the British.

The conspiracy was followed by the First Lahore Conspiracy Trial and Benares Conspiracy Trial which saw death sentences awarded to a number of Indian revolutionaries, and the exile of a number of others.

Amar Singh Nandbol was arrested and convicted of charges. He was then sentenced to transportation for life in the Lahore Conspiracy Case and deported to Andamans. He was imprisoned in Cellular Jail (now National Memorial) situated at Port Blair of South Andaman.