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Unsung Heroes Detail

Unsung Heroes Detail

Niranjan Ghosh

Cuttack, Odisha

August 05, 2022

Niranjan Ghosh was one of those satyagrahis who was physically tortured to death in prison at the early age of 23 only. Born in 1908 in the Jamalpur village of Cuttack district, he hailed from a family of freedom fighters. Therefore the spirit of fighting against the British government and making the country free from their clutches was flowing in his blood and vein. His father Krushnaballav Ghosh was originally from Bengal and took part in anti-partition agitation in 1905 for which he was wanted by the Police. To escape from their arrest he escaped to Odisha and settled in Jamalpur near Salepur of Cuttack district. Niranjan was gifted with a melodious voice and the talent to compose a patriotic song that could ignite the patriotic spirit of the people. He also possessed very good oratory skills through which he inspired many people to participate in the freedom struggle. He had also deep knowledge of Odia, Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, and English. When he was a student at Ravenshaw College, he was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s call for civil disobedience in 1930. While picketing before the shop selling foreign cloth in Cuttack, he was issued a non-bailable warrant. When the police searched for him some of his friends sent him to a remote village to hide. But there also instead of hiding himself he stimulated the anti-British sentiment among the villagers through his melodious voice and patriotic song. After sometimes he fell ill. While making an eloquent speech in the Sunshine field in Cuttack, he was nabbed by the police and was arrested. He was charged with sedition and sentenced to one year of rigorous imprisonment. He was lodged in Hazaribagh jail where his health deteriorated owing to illness. In jail, he earned the wrath of a few policemen who were intolerant of his audacity and independent views. They, therefore, became very cruel to him by repeatedly beating him. Thus unable to face this atrocity in his illness he died on 20 February 1931 at the age of 23.