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Unsung Heroes Detail

Unsung Heroes Detail

Bhikubhai Gomansinh Solanki

Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Dadra,Nagar Haveli & Daman & Diu

July 28, 2022

Bhikubhai Gomansinh Solanki was born somewhere around 1925. He was a very calm and brave person. He studied up to the 4th standard. He was a social worker who always helped people. He led the people to do public welfare work. To achieve his objectives, he established an organization named “Shramyagya''. The people of Naroli always called him Kazi because he used to solve the problems of the people. He actively participated in the liberation movement of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. He also put his life in danger to collect the secret information.

When the river Damanganga was over flooded, He knew that due to the flood, it was not possible for the Naroli police to receive any help from the main police headquarters at Silvassa. He with his two friends met the police personnel at Naroli and discouraged them by saying that a very big crew of freedom fighters was rushing at Naroli. Thus the policemen were all down and disappointed.

On the other hand, all the three gentlemen sent a secret message to the freedom fighters (Gomantak Mukti Dal) who thereupon immediately attacked and captured Naroli. Thus Naroli was liberated.

After the liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, he went to Delhi to learn the modern Japanese technique of rice cultivation and implemented it in the region of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Because of this, the condition of poor farmers/ peasants improved.

In 1980 the Government of India offered him a certificate of freedom fighter and a pension. He accepted the certificate but denied the pension. He said, “I fought for my people and Nation and not for money”. He was a very simple and down-to-earth man who never shared his photo for publication. He died in 1986 at the age of 61 years.