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Komaram Bheem

Komaram Bheem Asifabad, Telangana

November 08, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Komram Bheem was born at Sankepally village in Komarambheem District. His father waskilled in an attack by the Forest Department when he was fifteen. Then Bheem’s family migrated toSardapur village in Kerimeri mandal. He was leading a normal life by Jhum farming. A jagirdarnamed Siddhiki, who was an informer of the Nizam, occupied Bheem’s land. Bheem killed Siddhikiout of anger and escaped from police to hide in Assam. After that, he worked as a labourer in coffeeand tea plantations for five years. He experienced labour agitations. He learned how to read andwrite. He understood the situation in his place through his close friend Komaram Sooru, who washis secret informer. He wasinspiredby the agitationsand battlesfor freedom by AlluriSeethaRama Raju in Visakhapatnam and Birsa Munda revolt fought against Nizam’s rule. By that time,Nizam’s government used to collect tax in the name of ‘Bambram’ and Dupapetti for grazing cattleand collecting firewood for cooking. Adivasis were impressed and inspired by the message Jal,Jangal, Jameen (water, forest land) of Komaram Bheem. This slogan was given by Bheem to fight fortribal freedom and rights and oppose the taxes. Nearly 12 villages in earlier Adilabad were ready tofight for their land. Bheem formed a guerrilla army with the young men of Gondu and Koya. Hegathered and trained tribal people to fight with weapons. Jodeghat became the central place fromwhere he started the guerrilla battle. Surprised by this battle, Nizam tried to attack on Adivasis. Atlast, on one full moon day, Komaram Bheem died in the battle against the Nizam’s army in Jodeghatforest.

Source: 9th Class Social Studies Text Book Page no. 220, Govt of Telangana State.