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Shripad Ramchandra Jog

Satara, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

Shripad Ramchandra Jog was a brave and committed freedom fighter who stood firm in his convictions even in the face of persecution by British authorities. He hailed from Tasgaon, a town in the Satara district of Maharashtra, which was a hotbed of revolutionary activity during the Indian independence movement.

Jog was a prominent participant in the civil disobedience movement, which was a non-violent resistance campaign against British rule in India. He participated in various activities of the movement, which included boycotts, protests, and strikes. He was a dedicated Congress worker who worked tirelessly to mobilize people against colonial rule and to promote the cause of independence.

Jog's unwavering commitment to the cause of freedom earned him the wrath of the British authorities. He was arrested and sent to Yerwada prison for his participation in the civil disobedience movement. However, he was released a few days later on the condition that he report to the local police station. Jog refused to comply with this demand, which led to his being sentenced to one year of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of one hundred rupees. Despite the harsh sentence, Jog remained steadfast in his commitment to the freedom movement. He refused to sever his ties with the civil disobedience movement, even when offered the dissolution of his sentence.

Shripad Ramchandra Jog, a freedom fighter from Tasgaon, Maharashtra, played a role in the civil disobedience movement against British rule, enduring persecution and imprisonment for his convictions. His steadfast commitment earned him the respect of fellow freedom fighters.