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Balkrishna N. Taralkar

Bombay, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

Balkrishna N. Taralkar, also known as B. N. Taralkar, was a prominent political figure during the Indian independence movement. He was a member of the Bombay Provincial Congress Committee and played a vital role in several civil disobedience movements.

During the civil disobedience movement, Taralkar urged mill workers to join the Congress and boycott British cloth. He also advocated for the mill owners to join Congress, boycott foreign machinery, and reduce the salaries of high officials. Taralkar was a vocal advocate for social reform, and he delivered speeches on various social issues, including urging people to give up drinking. At another instance Under the auspices of the Bombay Iron Merchants' Association, a meeting of about 200 persons was held at Argyle Prabhu and Taralkar made speeches appealing to the people to give up drinking. Taralkar's speeches were well-received, and many people followed his example. In 1932, Taralkar was arrested and prosecuted for his participation in civil disobedience under the Bombay Special Emergency Powers Act. Despite the threat of imprisonment, Taralkar remained committed to the cause of Indian independence and continued to participate in the Congress struggle without fear of jail.

To celebrate Unemployment Day, Congress organized a procession of unemployed workmen. At noon about 800 unemployed millhands collected on the maidan opposite the Dinshaw Petit Mills, Lalbaug. Taralkar gave a powerful speech that encouraged unemployed workers to unite and fight for their rights. Taralkar's commitment to Congress and the Indian independence movement was unwavering. He attended a meeting just after his bail, which surprised Congress leaders who were impressed by his courage and sacrifice for the cause of the country. Taralkar said that he was not afraid of any prosecution and continued to make anti-British speeches at various meetings and gatherings. when the Delisle Road Taluka. The Congress Committee held a meeting at DeLisle Road when about 400 persons were present. Baburao Ghagre (who presided) and Taralkar made anti-British speeches. During another meeting, Taralkar eulogized Gandhi's sacrifices for the cause of the country and appealed to the people to boycott British goods and give up foreign cloth. Under the auspices of the F Ward District Congress Committee, a public meeting attended by about 600 millhands was held last night on the maidan opposite the K. E. M. Hospital, Parel. Taralkar participated in the meeting and delivered a powerful speech that urged people to join Congress and fight for Indian independence.

In conclusion, Balkrishna N. Taralkar was involved in the Indian independence movement, contributing to social reform and participating in civil disobedience movements. His speeches and actions had some influence, and his commitment to the cause of independence was noteworthy during that period.