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D.B. Dhamanaskar

Bombay, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

D.B. Dhamanaskar was a notable political figure and poet who actively participated in India's fight for independence. Hailing from Maharashtra, Dhamanaskar held a leadership position at the Viashya Ashram of Sasavane, a significant center promoting Gandhian ideals and conducting the Congress constructive program. His role in the freedom movement was substantial as he traveled across villages in Bombay's presidency, encouraging people to join the Viashya Ashram's cause.

Dhamanaskar was recognized for his assertive and straightforward speaking style, which gained popularity among the masses. He staunchly followed Mahatma Gandhi's non-violent approach to political activism and believed in the effectiveness of peaceful protests to bring about societal change. As a leader of the Viashya Ashram, he played a crucial role in educating people about the importance of economic self-sufficiency and self-reliance, fundamental principles of Gandhian philosophy. Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, Dhamanaskar remained unwavering in his commitment to Indian independence. On January 23, 1932, he was arrested for delivering speeches related to civil disobedience in Mangaon taluka. Subsequently, he was convicted under section 17(1) of the criminal law amendment act by the Mamlatdar Mahad.

Dhamanaskar's legacy as a poet is also noteworthy, as his writings played a significant role in inspiring people to join the struggle for freedom. His poetry reflected his deep commitment to social justice and his belief in the transformative power of collective action.