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Chandanmal Chunilal Marwadi

Pune, Maharashtra

May 22, 2023 to May 22, 2024

Chandanmal Chunilal Marwadi, a cloth merchant from Sasward, located on the South-Eastern corridor of Poona, was a notable figure in the freedom movement in India. Although information about him is limited, he actively participated in the Saswad Taluka Congress Committee in the early 1930s and was pivotal in promoting the Congress’ constructive programs in Saswad. These programs included observing hartals, flag salutations, conducting meetings, and non-violent protests.

In October 1931, Chandanmal organized Gandhi Week in Saswad. He arranged Prabhat Feris throughout the week and invited prominent leaders from Poona to deliver speeches and inspire the locals to join the freedom struggle movement. He also worked tirelessly in organizing an event in December of the same year. Subhash Chandra Bose visited Saswad and presented Bose with a speech promising active support and participation in the freedom struggle. Apart from his contributions to the freedom struggle, Chandanmal was also involved in social activism. He took the bold step of boycotting food and other essential supplies for Police and Revenue officers who enforced unjust laws and oppressed the locals in the 1930s, with active support from his fellow activists and local people.

Hence, we observe that Chandanmal, a cloth merchant from Saswad, actively supported the Congress' constructive programs and organized events to inspire locals to join the freedom struggle. His contributions included promoting non-violent protests, observing hartals, and boycotting supplies for unjust authorities.