India’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Indian word for culture is ‘Sanskriti’. From time immemorial, Indians have described their culture as ‘Human Culture’ (Manav Dharma/ Sanskriti). It has a universal appeal. The principle of ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the implicit law of nature, universe and life. People belonging to diverse communities, speaking different languages, having different food, performing different customs harmoniously co-exist in India. Thus, the soul of cultural heritage of India lies in the fact that it’s an all embracing confluence of religions, traditions, customs and beliefs.

Over the years, numerous styles of art, architecture, painting, music, dance, festivals and customs have developed in India and this wide variety has made the Indian culture unparalled to which the entire world still looks up to. The cultural heritage of India still flourishes maintaining its original features together along with changes,a key indicator of its strength.