Ideas, Achievements & Resolve

The idea is to celebrate the notion of India – being the 'best in class' in social, political and economic realm – shared by every Indian. Patriotism shall fill the air while commemorating milestones achieved by the nation. We have traversed a long way since independence, and have a long way to go. Achievements in different spheres, for instance Agriculture, Science and Technology, will be highlighted during the course of the events. The Aatmanirbhar Bharat Design Centre being developed as part of the Museum complex at Red Fort (Delhi) shall stress upon indigenous products coming from all the states and UTs. Furthermore, resolves igniting the challenger spirit in every citizen will be fostered, such as #RiseUp pledge cross the social media platforms. Programmes of similar nature will not just devote each individual towards the national building process, it will also aid Indians overcome challenges in their everyday life. Such an approach will further consolidate our achievements as a nation, and new dreams and opportunities will come to the fore.