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Stories of Change

Women auto-drivers

July 19, 2022

Rural women in Dhamtari have set an example of change in their lives. Earlier these women used to work as laborers in the fields. Despite that, they were dependent on others. Today they earn up to Rs. 15,000 a month on their own by driving an auto in the city and helping their families financially. Bhuneshwari Sahu, resident of village Irra in Dhamtari district and Aarti Vishwakarma of village Lohar Pathra and 15 other women like them, who travel 25 to 30 kilometers daily, come to Dhamtari city in their electric auto.

They take people to their destination throughout the day and return back to their village in the evening. This has given these women confidence and pride to become self-sufficient. Given these women were dependent on others for money, up until a few years ago, as their daily labour work wouldn’t be enough, these women being financially independent is a big change.

Source – First hand research