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Stories of Change

Taking the road less traveled

July 05, 2022

Akash Chourasiya is an organic farmer from Tili village in Madhya Pradesh's Sagar district. Chourasiya was inspired to become a doctor as a student after seeing hospitals overflowing with patients.

"I felt compelled to serve people, therefore I decided to pursue a career as a physician." However, I soon realized that eating is the source of all disorders. Chourasiya stated, "The diet we eat these days is quite unhealthy."

Choursaiya quickly chose to take the road less travelled and become an organic farmer. He began by experimenting with growing one crop on top of the other, drawing inspiration from his family's traditional farming techniques for cultivating betel leaf. The multi-layer farming technique not only caters to small farmers because of its efficiency but also tackles the issue of climate change.

Source: First-hand research