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Labanyaprabha Dasgupta

Barisal, Undivided Bengal

August 05, 2022

Labanyaprabha Dasgupta (1903-1984), daughter of Saratkamini and Basantakumar Majumdar, was born in the Patuakhali village of Barishal district of the undivided Bengal. The family she was born in was known for charity; with her father sheltering needy students in their home and sponsoring their education; while her mother spent her time feeding and catering to their needs. The great leader of Barishal, Satindranath Sengupta was their neighbor. Two misfortunes visited her; the premature death of her father and her widowhood within two months of her marriage at the age of sixteen years.

At the age of twenty-five years, she took admitted into Leela Nag’s school; combining learning with selfless work for people which shortly made her Bardi, the elder sister to all. All these helped her work in tandem with the revolutionaries. In 1934, while she was studying in class ten, she was arrested in Dinajpur for anti-government activities and imprisoned in the Dhaka jail as a political prisoner. Released in 1938, she was arrested again in course of the Quit India movement and was kept in the Dhaka, Dinajpur, and Presidency Jails till she was released in 1945.

She stayed back in the land of her birth even after 1947; when she served the Indian High Commission Dhaka as the lady in charge of the Indian Transit Home to serve the distressed women awaiting transit to India.

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