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Alwar, Rajasthan

July 10, 2024 to July 10, 2026

Kanhaiya was born in 1897 in Nimuchana, district Alwar, Rajasthan to Udami Nai. He worked as a farmer and became actively involved in the protest against the 50% increase in land revenue in 1924. This agitation primarily involved Shekhawat Rajput zamindars and peasants who opposed the seizure of wasteland crucial for their cattle's pasture.

The events escalated when British troops besieged their village on 16 May 1925. The troops, armed with machine guns and artillery, responded ruthlessly to the villagers' protests, which were exacerbated by the desperate cries of those suffering from thirst. In the tragic outcome, Kanhaiya, along with eight others, lost their lives to the machine-gun fire. The incident underscored the stark brutality faced by rural communities under colonial rule, where economic policies often led to dire consequences for the livelihoods of peasants and small farmers. His story is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by individuals in the struggle against unjust policies and oppression.

Kanhaiya’s bravery and commitment to defending the rights of his community against unjust economic policies have left an enduring legacy. The tragic events of 16 May 1925, serve as a somber chapter in the history of Rajasthan, highlighting the high human cost of resistance against colonial exploitation and the determination of ordinary people to resist such oppression.

Details mentioned in ‘Who’s Who of Indian Martyrs’, Volume I, (Page no – 165), published by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India.

Source: Priyanka Kumari, Contributor for CCRT.