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Dwaru Kalar

Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh

November 02, 2023 to November 02, 2024

DwaruKalar hailed from a modest farming family in the village of Birguri, nestled within the Nagari development block of Dhamtari district. His father, Khedu Kalar, eked out a living through agricultural labour.

Dwaru drew his inspiration from prominent figures like Shyamlal Som, Harkharam Som, Pancham Singh and Vishambhar Patel from the city. These young activists worked tirelessly to raise public awareness, advocating the principles of truth, non-violence and non-cooperation throughout the region. Dwaru actively participated in the Kalar movement programs alongside them.

 In January 1922, he took part in the Jungle Satyagraha, voicing his opposition to the British forest policy. In October 1930, he defied the forest laws once more in the Lakhanpuri forest as part of a plan to challenge British rule. This act led to his involvement in the Satyagraha movement, which resulted in his family enduring the brutalities of British oppression.In 1932, along with fellow activists from his region, he bravely protested at a foreign goods shop, rallying under the slogan Adopt Swadeshi. This protest led to his arrest and on 8 March 1932, he was sentenced to six months of imprisonment. He was confined to the Raipur Central Jail, where he endured harsh treatment alongside comrades from his area. The officers' beatings and torture took a toll on his body.

Jhanda Satyagraha
Freedom Fighter Jail Certificate issued to Kalar by Cental Jail Raipur

Source: Tikeshwar Prasad Gajpal, Contributor for CCRT