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Dipeswar Rajkonwar

Charaideo, Assam

September 19, 2023 to September 19, 2024

Dipeswar Rajkonwar, born in the village of Lakwa Mohon Deudhai Konwar Goan in Charaideo district, was the son of Phuleswar Rajkonwar and Phuleswari Rajkonwari. His early education was acquired at the village school, although he did not pursue higher studies.

Dipeswar, alongside his fellow volunteers, actively promoted various actions to advance the freedom movement. They encouraged their fellow villagers to boycott foreign clothing, support local weaving, abstain from intoxicants, and establish National Schools and colleges. Furthermore, they advocated for non-cooperation with British authorities, the boycott of alcohol, and refraining from taking positions within the British government.

In 1942, Dipeswar Rajkonwar emerged as a prominent leader in the resistance against British colonial rule. He guided his group in various activities aimed at disrupting British operations. On September 20, 1942, he and his group attempted to occupy the Sivasagar court, where they faced a brutal lathi charge by the British police in the Sivasagar Polytechnic School field. Additionally, on October 13, they ventured to occupy the Sonari Thana. Subsequently, he was incarcerated for several months in Sivasagar jail.

After India achieved Independence, Dipeswar devoted himself to social work. In recognition of his significant contributions to the freedom struggle, the Government of Assam honoured him with a copper plate in 1997.

Dipeswar Rajkonwar passed away on June 26, 2002.

Copper plate awarded to Dipeswar Rajkonwar by the Government of Assam in 1997

Source: Priyanka Rajkumari, Contributor for CCRT