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Premchand Kapadia

Damoh, Madhya Pradesh

May 24, 2023 to May 24, 2024

Premchand Kapadia was born in February 1923 at his ancestral residence, known as Phoolchand Jain Kapadia's house. His family was renowned in the cloth business, hence the name Kapadia. Their ancestral home was situated near the present-day Purana Thana police station. During his childhood, he witnessed the oppressive policies of the British Inspector and the revolutionary war, which deeply impacted his life.


Inspired by the freedom fighters, he actively raised his voice against the British Government's oppressive policies. He actively participated alongside freedom fighter Raghuvar Prasad Modi in various movements and activities against the British government. In 1939, he underwent a 21-day training as a volunteer in Tripuri Congress, where he had the opportunity to meet Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.


Kapadia was greatly influenced by Bose's thoughts, which further fuelled his activism for freedom. On 8 August 1942, he went to Bombay to join the Quit India Movement, drawing inspiration from the protests and activities advocating for independence. Carrying important information and materials, he travelled to Jabalpur via the Itarsi route, where he discreetly hid the rest of the material at his in-law's house in Bada Fuhara, Jabalpur, while he himself was arrested and sent to Jabalpur jail.


He was released from jail on 15 February 1943, and actively engaged in military training while being associated with the Azad Hind Army. He organized the movement by forming a peace army. On 25 March 2006, he passed away at his residence, Hawk Ganj Baranda, near Gandhi Chowk, where he had conducted continuous activities during the freedom movement.

Source: Rajeev Krishna Birthray, Contributor for CCRT