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Gandhi's Visit to Mahoba and Kulpahar, 1929

, Haryana

January 25, 2023 to January 25, 2024

Mahoba is a district in the state of Uttar Pradesh with a glorious past. The Bundelkhand region was highly supportive of Mahatma Gandhi’s call for nationwide satyagraha during the Non-cooperation movement; the people in this region participated in protesting against foreign goods. Pamphlets like Bundelkhand Kesari and Pukar created revolutionary changes in students, peasants, and workers. Unfortunately, this momentum was brought to halt due to Chauri Chaura violence in 1922 when Gandhiji called off the movement.

In 1929, Gandhi started his massive tour to north India, to gather support for his newly cultivated civil obedience movement. He reached Mahoba district on 21st November 1929. A huge crowd of 4000 people greeted him. Mahatma Gandhi received the support of almost Rs. 2603 from this crowd. Post that he visited Kulpahar and Rath where he collected Rs.1574 from a gathering of almost 6000 persons. During Civil Disobedience Movement, Mahatma Gandhi was arrested in April 1930 for breaking the salt law. In reaction to it, protests took place in Mahoba, Hamirpur, and Kulpahar.

The region of Bundelkhand has always displayed valour and courage, such as during the first war of independence in 1857 and during most national movements.


Source: Indian Culture Portal