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Chittaranjan Das and the Swadeshi Movement

Bankura, West Bengal

January 25, 2023 to January 25, 2024

Chittaranjan Das, also known as Deshbandhu, was a prominent activist and political leader during the Freedom Movement in India. Born in the Calcutta district (present-day Kolkata) in West Bengal, he tried to reconcile the differences among the people of Bengal and unite them to fight for the cause of freedom.

According to Das, the 1905 Swadeshi Movement was one of the most important events that awakened the masses to the soul and spirit of Bengal. This awakening was a self-realisation of Bengal’s own worth and potential, and these sentiments soon extended to the whole nation. The Movement revitalised what Das referred to as ‘national life’, inspiring people to devote themselves to bringing out the best of what Bengal had to offer and reviving its culture, history, and civilisation. Chittaranjan Das was instrumental in bringing together the Hindu and Muslim communities of Bengal, urging them to transcend individual differences to serve the nation selflessly. The Movement also instilled a nationalistic fervour in the people of Bengal, thereby making them shun the indoctrination of the West.

The Swadeshi Movement thus helped to widen the scope of nationalism in Bengal. Chittaranjan Das was a visionary who had great faith and conviction in the Indian identity. His unstinting efforts to promote it were one of the most pathbreaking steps in the quest for freedom.


Source: Indian Culture Portal