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Bose and the Participation of Women in the 1928 Congress Session

Kolkata, West Bengal

January 25, 2023 to January 25, 2024

The 1928 Session of the Indian National Congress was held in the present-day Kolkata district, in the state of West Bengal. Subhas Chandra Bose, who was one of the active leaders of the Congress at the time organized a group of women volunteers, who led the Anti-Simon Commission Protests during the session.

Bose had always believed in the revolutionary potential of women, and wished to give them a greater platform in the nationalistic political activities. During the nationwide Anti-Simon Commission protests, which broke out in late 1928, Bose encouraged women activists such as Bina Das and Kalyani Das who were leading the Chhatri Sangha. During the 1928 Congress Session, he led a procession of the Bengal Volunteers to inaugurate the session. This procession also included representatives of the Women’s Unit, a female paramilitary group, whose members wore green saris with red borders. A number of prominent female activists were associated with the women’s unit of the Bengal Volunteers, including Latika Ghosh and Bina Das.

It is significant that at a time when the potential contributions of women in revolutionary struggles were not even given considerable thought, Bose asked the women to come out of the of domestic spaces and enter into action to save India and Bengal.

Source: Indian Culture Portal